Young Money – a new financial education textbook

Young people aren’t talking about money as much as we’d like, and despite becoming compulsory in secondary schools since 2014 it is estimated only 40% of schools are actually delivering financial education as part of their curriculum. Many teachers are just not confident in teaching financial education as well as the challenges of embedding a […]

Employee financial well-being: aligning reward with people strategy

By Charles Cotton, CIPD Senior Adviser for Performance and Reward. The 13th of November marks the start of Financial Capability Week, the purpose of which is to celebrate, showcase and amplify existing financial capability initiatives and ultimately improve financial well-being. To mark this, the CIPD has polled HR professionals to ask if employee financial well-being […]

Money talks: helping young people make sense of money

This Financial Capability Week, Director of Sustainable Banking at RBS Kirsty Britz shares how the bank is supporting parents to help their children become confident money managers now and in the future. Financial Capability Week celebrates the vital work underway to improve the nation’s financial wellbeing. It starts with getting more people talking about money… As […]

The Insurance Experiments

In the last few weeks, the ABI (Association of British Insurers) has launched a project which doesn’t look like it has anything much to do with us. That’s deliberate; there’s no ABI branding and not even a hint of a logo. Instead of carefully considered words about the importance of the insurance industry, we have […]

Building financial capability the Dosh way

Dosh supports people with a learning disability to be more independent and have more control over their money. For us, this is all about building financial capability, so we wanted to write something for #Fincap week to talk about what we have found that works. Support with money for people with a learning disability can […]

How does financial stress affect your workplace?

In this guest blog the team at Red Star Education explain the impact financial stress can have in the workplace. Did you know that financial stress on employees can have a massive impact on workplace productivity? A series of recent studies reveal that financial stress is the number one concern for UK workers, ahead of […]

Let’s help millions of adults get the number sense they need to manage their money well

Good with numbers? You’re more likely to have a bigger savings pot. You’re also probably better at keeping up with the bills. And probably putting money away more often that someone who struggles with numeracy. This might seem obvious, but a report published earlier this month by the Money Advice Service provides the strongest evidence […]

Talk Money – The Last Taboo

In this guest blog, Liz Barclay, broadcaster, financial journalist and Chair of the Money Advice Liaison Group explains why #TalkMoney is so important. Liz is chairing the Talk Money Conference on Thursday 16 November. We need to talk about Money. It’s the last taboo. We’ll talk about sex, piles, religion and politics but we won’t talk about money […]