What Works Fund Learning and Sharing Event – 10 November 2017

Graham Bukowski ipsos blogA blog by Graham Bukowski, Associate Director at Ipsos Mori – part of the What Works Fund Evaluation Learning Partner (ELP). The ELP includes Ipsos MORI, Ecorys and the Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC) at Bristol University.

The event epitomised much of what the What Works Fund is about: learning from others, sharing perspectives and evaluating progress. There were lots of really good discussions and presentations about delivering fin cap provision and contributing to the fin cap evidence base and delegates told us this would be useful in helping them to meet the aims of WWF.

We were keen to evaluate the value of the event. Around half the delegates completed an evaluation form (n=53).  Overall feedback was very positive; with 52 delegates rating the overall event as ‘very good’ or ‘good’.  Around half the respondents said they liked having the opportunity to hear about the challenges faced by other projects and learn about solutions.

The Financial Capability Strategy identifies a number of key life-stages (children and young people, young adults, working age, older people in retirement, retirement planning and people in financial difficulty).  Delegates liked the fact that the break-out groups were split by target audience, as this meant they could more easily share experiences and apply learning to their own project.

Overall, the day showed how valuable the WWF is in terms of helping people think differently about money matters, and for grantees themselves understanding that evidence is an integral part of delivery.

A report of the day is currently being finalised and will be published on the Evidence Hub in the next few weeks, but if you would like more information about the learning and sharing event, visit the Twitter handle #WWFsharing, or email Graham via [email protected] or ring 020 3059 4678.

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