Talk Money Week is nearly here – five ways you can get involved



We’re getting ever nearer to Monday 12 November, meaning Talk Money Week is nearly upon us.

At the Money Advice Service, we’re entering the last stage of the build up to the week itself. We’ve been hard at work for months, bringing together organisations and experts, conducting research into the nation’s relationship with money, setting up events and much more.

The reason for all this? We want to get the nation to open up about their personal finance: how they manage money, struggle with money, their successes, mistakes and how they plan for the future. We’re excited to be leading the conversation, and although it’s just one week, we believe that the concept behind it can change lives in the long run.

While there’s still a stigma around discussing money, too many people feel compelled to fight on alone, or worry about admitting when they don’t understand a concept or term. Much of financial capability is linked with confidence, so this culture of silence can end up being a real obstacle to becoming more comfortable with your financial situation.

So with just a week to go, how can you take part and help out with the cause?

We’ll be releasing brand new research exploring the nation’s relationship with money.

1. Attend an event – or (quickly) plan your own!

There are a number of events planned during Talk Money Week, on a large and small scale. Talk Money Conferences will be held across the UK, in London on 14 November, Cardiff on 15 November, Aberdeen on 16 November and Belfast on 16 November.

Beyond these keynote conferences, The Money Advice Service and its partners have organised hundreds of activities, from a panel event will be held jointly with Relate and the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments – which will discuss the impact that money stress can have on relationships – to a City Hall event in London on helping young people become more confident with their cash.

Keep an eye on the Talk Money Week map for events near you. There is still time to add your own event or badge an existing activity with the Talk Money Week logo using our brand toolkit – download resources for your event here.

2. #TalkMoney on social media

Social media can be an ideal platform to take that first step and open up about money issues. We’ll be posting across social accounts — to organisations on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and to consumers on Twitter and Facebook — throughout the week about five key themes:

  • debt
  • reliance on credit
  • planning for retirement
  • saving, and
  • financial education.

We’ll also be hosting The Big Talk on The Money Advice Service social channels, where our Money Experts and special guests will give members of the public the chance to ask questions, get tips on how to talk to their kids about money, and to tackle a range of other money issues on Monday 12 November at 1pm.

You or your organisation can join the conversation using the hashtag #TalkMoney, and by following The Financial Capability Strategy for the UK and The Money Advice Service and looking out for our posts.

3. Look out for Talk Money Week in the press, comment and share

We’ll be releasing brand new research exploring the nation’s relationship with money, looking at how far talking about our personal finances can improve our situation and make us more confident in dealing with issues or celebrating successes.

The Money Advice Service is hoping to bring Talk Money Week to a wide range of media, so if you spot a news story or feature in the newspaper, on the TV or hear it on the radio then it would be great to hear your thoughts in response. We’re encouraging organisations and their media teams to issue comment on our figures during the week, whether in media or on blogs, as well as posting about anything you find useful or interesting on social media.

4. Help us to raise awareness

During the week, a number of organisations, famous faces and bloggers will be helping to raise awareness and extend the conversation as wide as possible. We are still encouraging new partner organisations to bring in their own expertise as part of Talk Money Week.

Talking directly to your customers or clients about Talk Money Week, giving them support and encouraging them to be more open about money or take steps to improve their financial situation will help us have a bigger impact. This is the case whether it’s via a newsletter, social media, poster or in person.

5. Talk about money with the people close to you

On a personal level, even those of us who feel confident about our financial situation and have strong expertise don’t always end up talking to the people around us about their own situation. It’s not a one-way street – why not open up a conversation with your child, a friend or a family member about money? You might be surprised where it takes you.

We have hints and tips on how best to broach the subject of personal finance available to help you get started.


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