James Lalley: Financial Education – powerful messages and memorable experiences

As part of Scotland’s Financial Education Week, we’re featuring a number of guest blogs from practitioners and thought-leaders in the field of financial education. Education Scotland’s James Lalley gives his thoughts on why financial education for young people is so vital in a changing world. Much has been done over the past ten years or […]

NASMA presents WASTE NOT WANT NOT: National Student Money Week 2017

“Wise use of ones resources will keep one from poverty” –proverb When it comes to effective financial education, some of the old sayings remain the best. Your grandmother might have told you to “Measure Twice and Cut Once.” The older you get the more you find yourself thinking, “Yes. Pennywise and Pound-foolish. Absolutely true”. NASMA […]

MyBnk – The vital importance of financial education

MyBnk, a UK charity delivering financial education and enterprise programmes to 5-25 year olds, has won a Guardian Charity of the Year Award for their work. Their CEO, Guy Rigden, reflects on 2016 and the cause for collective optimism.   Our sector leads with the ‘need’ when advocating financial education. It is great, universal, and […]

Educating the next generation

This edition of the Financial Capability Week Guest Blog comes NatWest and is focussed on the importance of financial education for young people. Last week, NatWest appointed Mog Stinchcombe of Channel 4’s Child Genius to help us better understand the big questions young people have about money and to show how our MoneySense programme can help […]

Finances with feeling – stopping cyclical debt

This edition of the Financial Capability Week Guest Blog comes from Quaker Social Action (QSA) is a small, independent charity working in east London and beyond to tackle poverty. I am talking to a family worker in an east London children’s centre. “I would organise an individual voluntary arrangement or a debt management plan for an […]

Do the math – Let’s make sure we don’t lose adults from the Financial Capability equation

This edition of the Financial Capability week guest blog comes from Paul Foss, Data Analyst at National Numeracy an independent charity helping adults and children across the UK to improve their numeracy. I used to be a teacher. Long hours, low pay. Then I “did the math”. Just the fact that I was doing the […]

University of Bolton – Are you money savvy?

This edition of the Fincap Week guest blog comes from Hoot Credit Union. When it comes to managing your household budget, saving energy, applying for credit or knowing what your credit score means do you know what you are doing? Around four out of ten adults do not know their current account balance to within […]

Financial education – building resilience beyond the classroom

This edition of our guest blog comes from Alison Pask Managing Director, Financial Capability and Community Outreach at The London Institute of Banking & Finance. To submit a blog on financial capability, please contact joe.cockerline@moneyadviceservice.org.uk. This week marks the beginning of “Financial Capability Week” across the UK. Hosted by the Money Advice Service (MAS), the […]

The University of Surrey – Financial Capability for University Students

The University of Surrey’s Student Services will be taking part and promoting Financial Capability Week for its students. As a university we are responsible for ensuring that our students have an excellent experience. Part of this is making sure that we guide and support them with all aspects of non-academic student life, as well as […]

Lloyds Banking Group – The need to improve the financial capability of young people

This guest blog comes from Lloyds Banking Group and focusses on how they’re using their revamped Money for Life program to improve the financial capability of younger people. To submit a blog on financial capability, please contact joe.cockerline@moneyadviceservice.org.uk. Recent research points to an increasing need to improve the financial capability of the population, but especially that […]